It is getting to be that time when parents are making trips to the local bed and bath store to find sheets, comforters and towels for their child heading off to college. They have mixed emotions – happy for them to soon be on their new journey; sad that their son or daughter is grown up.

With all that there is to do, parents may not think about Power of Attorney for their child. They have always taken care of them growing up and they are not going to stop. However, your child is now 18 years old and a legal adult. You no longer have a right to their health records and cannot make decisions for them.

If something happens to them, they will likely want you to be there for them. Your child can provide this access by giving you Power of Attorney for health care. This gives you access to doctors, hospitals and medical records so you can be involved if needed.

Before you send your teen off to college, make sure you have this important legal document in place.

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