Most tenants, and many attorneys, incorrectly believe that ‘reviewing a Lease’ simply means reading the offered Lease and proposing desired changes to the language.  As with any Contract you are asked to sign, a comprehensive Commercial Lease review process is the only method of assuring a Tenant’s protection from future Landlord abuse.

This process starts with a detailed and thorough review of the legal status of both the property and the property ownership, including its legal authority to transfer a Leasehold interest.  While it is true that a careful and detailed analysis of the language of the Letter of Intent, Lease, Exhibits, and Riders assures that the ultimate terms of the Lease are fair to the Tenant, it is also crucial to confirm the accuracy and application of binding terms such as ‘Rentable Square Footage’, ‘Tenant’s Proportionate Share’ of real estate taxes and CAM charges, and several others.

Reviewing a Commercial Lease is a sophisticated legal and technical undertaking best performed by an experienced practitioner. The Attorneys at the Greenberg Law Firm have many years of experience in commercial real estate, and look forward to providing you with the highest level of legal representation for your business.